mothers in pain
A voluntary organisation supporting victims and families of gun, knife and gang crimes

Guns & Gangs

The workshop was organised to educate them on the impact of knives, guns and gangs and the after effect it has on families, friends and the wider community.


From this workshop the young people were given the empowerment to make choices on their future direction, where fulfilment and purpose in life can definately be achieved.

Sexual Health Education

Bro-Sis is an organisation that educates young afro-caribbean people on the issues of sexual health. 


Mothers in Pain ran a workshop during the school holidays to provide awareness of the issues of Aids, HIV, Chlamydia and other sexually transmitted diseases that affect our young people.


Bro-Sis gave them an insight of how the contraction of these STD would impact on their health and how it could be avoided by taking the necessary precautions and basically being sensible  and responsible for their own health.

The Guns and Gangs workshop took place during the school half term, where young people were invited to express their views on street influence.

*If you an idea for a workshop, then let MIP know and we will research it with a view to running the workshop.


We are presently looking in to music/drumming workshops.

Distracting our young people from a life of crime

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